Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How you can help

Posted by RB:

We're just getting started here, but hopefully we can gain some momentum, and show our elected leaders the paradox inherent in our healthcare system. Those who don't want it changed say we have the "greatest health care system in the world", yet there are increasing numbers of people who don't have insurance, can't afford insurance, or have a plan and have already maxed out the lifetime benefits.

How can you help? Pick one, or many:

1) Send us photos of any donation jars or donation notices in your area. Also, let us know at least what state the photo comes from, if not the city and state. If your GIMP skills are lacking, we will block out any last names in the photo. We'll also tag it with the state name, so elected officials can see a tally of how many of these are from their home state. I would also suggest leaving a donation, and perhaps a note pointing them to this blog.

2) Point as many people as you can to this blog, especially elected officials!

3) If there are people who are in this situation in your area, ask them if they'd like to come forward with their story. Since we cannot travel around the country doing this, we're relying on you to interview people, and submit the story to us. We'll then publish it on the blog.

4) Use the link from the previous post to contact your government officials, and ask them their thoughts on solving the problem of people not being able to afford healthcare. Submit the interviews to us, and we'll publish them.

Any and all photos, submissions, ideas, feedback, etc. can be sent to beggar.nation@gmail.com.

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